Relationship between Japanese used cars and foreign markets.

As you know, Japanese automakers are popular overseas. The main reason is because a considerate amount of used cars are exported. This makes Japanese used cars well-known around the world. In some cases, foreign countires prefer high milieage Japanese used cars more than that of low mileage Japanese used cars. That is because the price to import high mileage used cars are more reasonable than buying low mileage cars. Eventually, giving the huge discount for the customers. Apart from this, after used cars became scrapped cars, stripped cars are also exported. This market is yet a growing market and will make a strong bond between japan and the countries overseas.

Which is the most popular Japanese carmaker?

The answer to this question is TOYOTA. TOYOTA has an overwhelming popularity as a Japanese car-maker. It is renown for its high quality, safety and environmentally-friendly cars. Of course Toyota is a brand with assuring quality, other japanese carmakers also keep pace with it. Honda cars, Suzuki cars, Mitsubishi cars,etc. are the ones that compete with Toyota. Compared to countries that dont make cars due to strict regulations, you can see that the Japanese carmaker market has a extreme competitive market. Therefore, despite Toyota cars are the most popular, Japan made cars generally have a high quality.

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