Where are placed Japanese used cars?

This is the photo of a junkyard, where Japanese used cars are placed. Here is the place, where the broken cars are left, but it can be seen that, most of these cars can still be used.

Comments from people who watched this movie below.

  • Every car can still be sold by parts :) The Philippines
  • Can I bring japanese cars from the junkyard? Because these can still run! Unknown Nationality
  • It's wasteful for a such very good condition Mazda Capella. This japanese car can be sold at $10000 even if it is used. Denmark (26)
  • Unbelievable.. Most of used cars are good condition!! :D Jamaica
  • in appearance, every car has no big scratch and keeps good form. Were they perhaps damaged by the flood? USA
  • Most of cars don't have any rust and can be ridden! There is Skyline! Unknown Nationality
  • The Japanese wastes hide many wonderful things. Including the Skyline, I could see many wonderful condition cars. I don't say any extravagant things, so please ship the parts of the Familia and Nissan to the counties in the Caribbean. We are getting desperated for getting some... Trinidad and Tobago
  • This place may be called a gold mine in the countries other than Japan. Belgium (22)
  • I'm shocked, because these used cars are disposed of. Please ship to England! It can still be sold. I want a Markā…” in the junkyard! Oh, I can't see it. It's too bad. England (22)
  • Please ship all cars to Europe! They must be able to meet owners. Customized Japanese parts are very good in Finland! Finland
  • All I can do is laugh, because most cars are in better condition than my car. Finland
  • 90% of the Japanese cars are ridden in Eastern Europe. It's sad to see something like this. Poland (20)
  • Is there the 3:52 Skyline in the junkyard? Oh my god, I wish that the model will be also sold in Canada. Now, I will go to Japan directly!! Canada
  • In my country, all used cars are very expensive... Dominica