The japanese used car is popular.

What impression do you have about the words "Made in Japan"? You may think that "Made in Japan" means "High Quality". For all products "Made in Japan" (electric appliances for instance, television, refrigerator and also a common goods and clothing) we can say that, the image "Made in Japan" equal "Reliable Quality" is a universal recognition.

As an evidence of the high quality, used cars which are considered as retired cars in Japan, are running strong in some countries. Because the retired cars are assessed they can run still well in foreign countries. For that reason, the used parts of foreign used cars or stripped cars are really popular, so many foreign buyers are coming to Japan to buy Japanese used car parts.

Because of the noise, diesel cars are not popular in Japan, but it is a wonderful car for good fuel consumption in many countries. In recent years, because of the inovation of the internet, it became easier to do business with foreign countries. Thanks to this, the number of used cars which are exported from Japan to overseas is increasing rapidly.